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Well, I grew up in the sunny southern California city of San Diego and started drawing at an early age--probably when I was about one or two years old. I think I remember drawing a picture of my family once when I was that age. It totally sucked. I guess I decided I wanted to be an artist after a teacher at school said that's what some other kid in the class was when he was drawing some fu-manchu man or something like that. >whew< It totally sucked. Because he was like six or something. I tried drawing in school but I just got in trouble when I did it. I decided that I should draw when I was home. I would get in trouble for drawing at home because I wasn't doing my homework. Finally, after years of getting into trouble, I decided that I should get out of college and do other things. There's only so much fun you can have while you're there after all. Fast forward a few years and Bob & Skull is created! ...And Eddie J. saw that it was good. I based b&S after my >>real life<< friends, enemies, places & situations. The names have been changed to protect the innocent. If they're guilty, that's a different story. Any-who, this comic has actually been sitting around on a shelf in my head until recently when I decided to let the beast out. <shiver> When I'm not drawing this utterly magnificent comic masterpiece, I work to stay ahead of the man, make music and eat carne asada from Armando's.


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