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- 06/04/2005 -

Hiya kids! I'm back again to talk atchy'all. My, my how the time flies! I hope you've enjoyed/tolerated the comic in the past few months & I haven't offended anyone too severely. If I have offended any particular person then I offer my sincerest, most heartfelt indifference. If you haven't noticed already or are new to Bob & Skull, I've switched from a monthly to a bi-weekly format. This helps to keep my page load down to a considerate level & allows me to put more time into each issue. And now, I'd like to introduce the next issue, Bob & Skull #7--"Take the Potheads Bowling." When J.P. scores himself a couple of gargantuan balls, zany pants-bulging and wacky crude humor ensue! Enjoy, jackass!

- 01/05/2005 -

Greetings and salutations bee-yatches, welcome to the new year. If you hadn't noticed, B&S #3, "Ocotillo well, whatever" is up for your reading enjoyment/displeasure. A little background on the issue--first, To avoid any confusion on pro-nun-see-ay-shun, the first word in the title is pronounced awk-uh-tee-yo. Ocotillo Wells is a desert area east of the San Diego area on highway 78 where people like to camp, offroad and blow things up. I like to think of it as the real life answer to Mad Max. Boom-bang sucka! By the way...if you're looking to experience this site the way that it was intended (heavens no!), download & install the Letter-O-Matic font from Just click the link & It should be the first one on the page. Don't know how to install a font? It's easy. Just open your control panel (PC users, Macheads--you're on your own on this one) & put the font into the "fonts" folder. So simple! til next time...good night and good luck. Beeyatch!

- 11/04/2004 -

Okay! after a little busting of hump the site is fully functional. Well, all except the e-mail link. I'll have that up very shortly, but if ya wanna know about all the weirdos you see in the comic, there's some profiles in the characters section. As of right now, there are more of them than you'll see in issue #1, "Throw Another Bitch On The Barbie." More of dese peeps'll be making their appearances in coming issues. Fan art? I don't think I really have readers at the moment, but if ya wanna send in yer skribbles, feel free to do so. I'll have that e-mail link up real quick here. Later Jackass!

- 10/29/2004 -

Hey everybody! This is the brand spankin' new, long-time coming web home of Bob and skull! We're still in the process of getting the site working and the comics will be coming in the next week. stay tuned jackass!


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